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Library at Longamapu, on beautiful Vava'u

Nau has been busy with the B4T library in Longamapu, a village on Vava'u. If the weather is right she puts everything out on the extensive lawn, and the children can read whichever books they want. When we say "read", many of the kids are too young to read, or can't yet read English very well, but they go through the books looking at the images and turning the pages with deep fascination. Nau says "We run the library twice a week. The kids want it everyday but I am busy with my weaving on other days. I asked the Peace Corps volunteer for his help and he comes twice a week to help with the reading too."

Look at the pictures and you'll see how much the kids enjoy it. You'll also see Nau reading to them and helping them understand the words. Thank you Nau - we are so fortunate to have you running the B4T library in Longamapu - Malo!


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