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Design wizz creates our logo!

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

We were very fortunate to have a choice of logos created for us in 2019 by Tongan Chrissy Grumwald. Chrissy lives in New Zealand and has her own graphic design company called Ink'd Milk. We love her clear no-fuss approach to design and were thrilled that she wanted to work with B4T.

We took the three potential logo designs to Tonga in September and asked Tongans what they thought. There was an overwhelming vote in favour of design number 1!

As Chrissy told us about the winning design:

"An open book with the pages in motion to replicate the sails of a vaka (boat) with the sea birds in the background and coconut trees on a motu (island). The three sea birds represent knowledge, the past, present & future as a gift, given as books handed to recipient libraries in Tonga."

We love it, Malo 'aupito Chrissy!


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