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Thinking of our friends in Tonga

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

It's been a difficult time for Tonga during cyclone Gita. The cyclone has caused lots of damage and it's taken a while to get hold of people and hear if everyone is ok. We've now heard back from almost everyone we know, or who is involved with Books4Tonga, and we are very thankful that they are ALL all right. It seems that most of the books are OK too!


One friend had her rental house badly damaged - but still she is happy and glad to be alive with her dear family.

And that is what is so great about Tongans - they will ride out a destructive devastating storm and still be smiling - no matter what it is that happens they are always there for each other, for family, friends, strangers, and provide help to anyone when and where it's needed. The people are resilient, and even though many now will have nothing much left in terms of consumer items or their own home, the most important things remain - life, love, family, friends, community and the future.

Ofa 'atu Tonga!


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